Why Ranking A Website In Oxford Is Important For Local Businesses

Owning a local business is a great way to make a living, but with all the major retail chains that are moving into places like Oxford it is starting to become harder for small businesses to make a living. This is when people should know why ranking a website in Oxford for their local business is so important. Without this, people may have some problems in getting the business they need to have to keep the doors open. By knowing about the importance of this, though, people will contact a local SEO company to help them in getting their website to rank. Internet Searches Drive Customers Typically when people are looking for something they will turn to the Internet first to find the items. For example, people may want to look for a cord for their iPhone. They generally turn to the Internet to find a store with a great price or find a retailer who is close by that sells the cords. With the SEO being performed properly and the ranking a website in Oxford being done right it will be easy for people to get the right customers to their website and know they are coming because the website is ranking in Oxford for the term people are looking for. Chance To Increase Income Levels When a website is ranking higher in the search engines, even for a local search, they will find they are going to have a chance to make even more money. So people can finally enjoy an income level that is meant for them and not have to be concerned about the cost of the SEO work not paying off for them. Instead, they will have to worry more about keeping the inventory levels high enough to support all of the sales they will be making from the higher ranking websites. Local SEO Increases Can Lead To Overall Increases The local SEO is going to be one of the most important aspects for a small business to rank for. However, what they need to realize is as they are starting to build up their local rankings they will start to gain more attention as a national leader as well. For example, people will find the local SEO terms are going to be general terms as well, but with the city associated. So people will find the local search terms will make it easier for people to start to rank quite a bit higher than what they were expecting before. This in turn can drive more international or national customers, instead of just relying on the local customers. Exposure To The Community Something else a local business will like with the increase in rankings is the exposure to other businesses that are in the region. Normally people would not think about this, but they will find the higher they are ranking in the search engines the more exposure to the local community. This means people will have a chance to be exposed to the community […]

Push or Pull Marketing

Push or Pull? That is The Question! When it comes to marketing is push or pull based marketing better? Today’s modern technologies means we are constantly switched on and connected. With all these new technologies businesses have been finding ever new ways to exploit these technologies in order to gain more exposure for their products and brands. Most companies now make extensive use of the internet, not only having a website’ but also making use of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Pinterest and Flickr. Push Marketing But what is push marketing and where does it fit into the marketing mix.  Push marketing is an aggressive approach towards marketing and promotion. Most companies that are just starting out usually go with this strategy because their brand or name is not yet widely known, thus, they introduce or “FORCE” you onto checking or trying out their products or services. This is done through television ads, billboards, flyers, e-mails or text messages, and every other form of exposure which you have no control over. In other words, push marketing is a technique where, the company seeks you. Pull marketing Companies that use this strategy are often already well-known and don’t need any further boost. Their brand has been around for ages that almost everyone knows about them and what exactly they offer. Pull marketing mostly involves websites, blogs, sponsored stories though social media sites like Facebook and many more. What better example of a company that uses pull-marketing than the oh, so famous, Apple! Just by their logo, you already have an idea who they are and what they do. Apple also does a bit of push-marketing, but this is only subtle. Their strategy mostly involves ads on billboards, magazines and T.V., but if you think people go to Apple because of these ads, think again! The reason why Apple is so famous is because of the reviews, ratings and recommendations they get from different blogs and websites. Another reason why people are drawn to them is because of this naturally occurring phenomenon called; word-of-mouth- which in itself, may be greater than any other form of advertising! When you hear people talking about a certain company or product for so long, you start wondering what the hype’s all about. Your interest then starts to build, thus, pulling you in. So, what do you do? You look for Apple products and check them out! and in this case, you’re seeking the company. So, whenever you get confused about pull-marketing just remember; APPLE! So good, it makes you want to take a bite! I simply cannot decide which technique is more effective. Each has it’s own pros and cons, but with these pros and cons, you can’t always guarantee the exact same results. You need to choose which tactic is most suitable for YOUR type of business. Which leads us back to the question; Should I push? or pull? The answer lies on what your goals and objectives are. Is it a long-term goal? or a short-term […]